2022 Morning Meetings

January 5 — Equity, Automated Decision Making, and Data Privacy with Shankar Narayan

February 2 — Choosing a Coach with David Subar

March 2 — Retaining Talent in Today’s Market with Charlie Reverte

April 6 — Returning to Work – RoundTable

May 4 — Empathy Driven Development with Andrea Goulet

June 1 — Attracting and Retaining Talent in a Hybrid World, During the Great Resignation (Peter Bell)

July 6 — Selling as a CTO (Mark Birch)

July 10 — SUMMER SOCIAL (The Mountaineering Club 5-8pm)

August 3 — Handling a security breach (Bob Wise)

September 14 — Climate Change and What You Can Do About It (Mike Robinson moderates)

September 24 — FALL SOCIAL (Dreamland Bar & Grill 5 – 8pm)

October 5 — Tackling Burnout in CTOs (Andy Skipper)

November 2 — TBD (Joann Anderson)

December 7 — TBD (Johnny Ray Austin)

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