Top Things CTO’s are Focused on in 2015

We polled our membership at our January meeting and discussed further on the list. Here are the things that Seattle-area CTO’s said they are going to be looking at in 2015:

  • Cyber security (DDoS protection; in-store POS security)
  • Containers and deployment
  • Minimal OS / Core OS
  • Microservices (what does that really mean and how do they work in practice?)
  • Networking (the data kind)
  • Office layout
  • Data storage and analytics (still not a solved problem; how do you really count quickly at scale?)
  • Women in tech
  • Interviewing for passion
  • Fingerprint checkout for mobile
  • Data retention policies for big data
  • Interaction between engineering and product
  • Streaming compute for big data
Top Things CTO’s are Focused on in 2015