Top CTO Concerns for 2016

We polled the members of the Seattle CTO Club to see what they were most concerned about and came up with a list. Topping the list seems to be the question “Are we in a bubble?” and the corollary “Is this the year it is going to pop?”

  • The economy, is this a bubble? Is it tech, oil, credit? How does that affect venture funding, private company valuation, hiring and retention?
  • Employee hiring and retention: for multi-locations team, career paths
  • Cyber-security: compromised systems, data leaks, exposure through partners, ransomware, designing for security
  • Organizational “as a service” transition, modern organizational design given a baseline of CI/CD, microservices, and heavy automation
  • Interaction between engineering and product
  • Will Google make real inroads on AWS business in cloud computing? Is AWS the newest 800-lb gorilla?
  • Business models around open source
  • Most effective way to both operate and contribute to a large open source project
  • Container specifications war: rkt vs docker; OCI
  • Where & how to apply machine learning
  • Physical space design and team productivity
  • Enterprise software alternatives
  • Working with legacy IT organizational structures: cloud versus managed services; outside consulting versus internal innovation
  • Competing with Amazon on delivery
  • Beacons, location awareness, hype
  • Apple Pay, alternate payment systems, slow EMV adoption
  • Building one’s stack and managing technical diversity; is it futile to try to keep the portfolio small?
  • What are the most common reasons startups fail?
  • Is the Agile fad over? If so, what’s next?


Top CTO Concerns for 2016